Podcast: How-to (Windows XP)

  1. download and install all2wav. Warning: All2Wav is ADWARE now. You can try OPD2D if you don´t like that crap.
  2. open the "Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices" control panel
  3. go the the "Audio" tab
  4. under "Recording Options", click on the "Volume" button. The "Recording Control" window will pop-up
  5. Select "Stereo Mixer" as the recording source
  6. Start all2wav and choose "Record sound from another application" and click "Next"
  7. Choose a filename and the sound quality and click "Finish".
  8. That´s it! Any sound you play on your computer will be recorded to the wav file.

Or just use PodProducer...

PodProducer is a freeware podcast recording tool. It´s still kinda buggy, but nonetheless it´s better than doing all this stuff up there... To download it just go to http://www.podproducer.net.

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